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Friday, June 10, 2011

I've crossed the darker threshold

With everyone blogging about their opinions of the Wall Street Journal article, I've found myself sharing quite a few viewpoints with these other writers. The YA books written today range in such a colorful variety of writing and some not for the faint of heart. But just because they touch on the deeper and darker emotional side of humans (ok and some non-human characters) and their issues, does that mean young adults shouldn't read these books?

In writing my current YA novel, I've struggled with how far my characters should delve into the deepness of their emotions and problems. The questions they have to ask themselves and find the answers to, aren't easy and involves a subject matter that not a lot of people are willing to face in the light of day.

As I've been walking that fine line between staying in the light or diving into the darkness, I've found that the only way for my characters to truly evolve is to go all in. Push everything to the limits and see who is still standing at the end. I cannot truthfully be happy with my writing until I've exhausted all possible outcomes and satisfied all questions - this includes playing with the darker possibilities.

With any luck, my characters will make it through to the end and I'll be able to help a future reader realize that there is more to life than the ignorant perspectives of a few.

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