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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nutella Madness

I think everyone knows I'm addicted to coffee. Gotta have me some of that deliciously hot smooth stuff.

Now, I've been known to stay up way past my (ok and everyone else's) bedtime on a regular basis. Coffee to me is comfort food and my mug doesn't stay empty while burning the midnight oil.  So naturally, I also get hungry while madly typing out all of my ideas. :) On one particular dark and dreary night, I tiptoed into the kitchen pantry and grabbed the shiny new jar of unopened Nutella that I had just purchased the morning before. It was over summer vacation at Grandma's house that she introduced my two girls to Nutella smores...and on that particular night it seemed to beckon to me. Seriously, it was calling my name.

After struggling to open the bag & cracker box without too much of that awful crinkling noise, I cut a marshmallow in half, placed them on some graham crackers (or graham crappers as my 4yr old calls them) and popped them in the microwave for about five seconds. Just enough time to make them almost explode (ever put a marshmallow in the microwave? he he Clean up on isle four!).

During the five seconds, I managed to half ass spread some Nutella on the other half of the crackers and stuck them on top of the white goey goodness. Trust me, it wasn't easy trying to pop open the microwave door in time before it dinged. I almost had a Nutella massacre going on in my kitchen.

The next day, my daughter wondered where all her graham crappers went.

Let's just say I've found a new addiction.

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