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Friday, August 24, 2012

DearEditor.com free EDIT Giveaway!!

So who in their right mind doesn't like a really good giveaway now and then?  I know I definitely love them. Especially when the prize is a good one.

DearEditor.com is giving away a "free *substantive edit of one fiction or non-fiction manuscript." It's totally free to enter the giveaway! Seriously, you don't have to do anything except make a few clicks here and there.

According to DearEditor.com, here are the rules that you must follow:
  1. Your manuscript can be of ANY GENRE or CATEGORY (for adults or children, fiction or non-fiction), including picture books.
  2. Your manuscript must be COMPLETE.
  3. Your manuscript SHALL NOT EXCEED 80,000 WORDS.
  4. Manuscripts that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified.
  5. Deadline: MIDNIGHT, August 28, 2012, PST.
  6. Winner will be randomly selected using Randomizer.org and announced on August 29, 2012, on DearEditor.com and on the DearEditor.com Facebook page, and the winner will be notified directly via email.
There are a couple of additional ways to enter more than once if you qualify. To get the details and enter into this awesomeness, please click HERE and follow the directions.  Good luck to all! (Although secretly I hope you all lose! But only because I want to win...hehe, otherwise my vote would totally go for you.)  :-)

Let the mad dash of manuscript editing begin!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this great contest! On my way to check it out now...

  2. Thanks for sharing. (Maybe good karma will bounce back upon you so that you win!) I don't know much about DearEditor, but I'm off to check it out.