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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Award Time Again!

The absolutely awesome Jennifer Groepl picked me for some cool awards! Thanks Jennifer! 

By accepting this awesomeness, I agree to:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated me
2. Share 7 random facts about myself
3. Pass the award to 5 blogger friends
4. Contact and congratulate the nominated blogs

Here are the seven facts of randomness about me:

1.  I could eat pizza everyday. 
(Can someone please create a healthy pizza  that tastes just as good?)

2.  I grew up in a small rural town in Ohio where everyone knew everyone's business. Everything
(I still think my neighbors knew I was pregnant before I did.)  *eyes darting back and forth*

3.  I hate snow. 

4.  I'm allergic to Ohio. 
(Ok, not really definite on that one, but my allergies go berserk every time I go back there.)

5.  I once dyed my hair purple. 
(Don't ask)

6.  I despise my hubby's recent obsession with Irish Punk Rock. 
(Any Red Sox fans? You'll know what this is.)

7.  If I could have lunch with anyone famous, it would be with Dr. Michio Kaku. 

So there are the seven random facts about me. I will pass these onto my five picks of other awesome bloggers:

- Shelly Brown Because she was the first person brave enough to "like" my facebook page.
- Ruth Schiffmann Because she is a chocolate freak and coca cola devotee just like me. :)
- Dawn Malone Because of Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies! Check it out!
- T.B. McKenzie Because he likes dragons and has a book coming out this Christmas!
- Julie Fedderson Because I adore her blog and can't wait to read more from her.


  1. Thanks for the award! 'Because he likes dragons" is the best justification of almost everything I've ever done.

  2. Congrats on the awards, Alynza!! And thanks for thinking of me when passing them on. We chocolate eating, coca-cola guzzling girls hafta stick together ;)

  3. Purple hair is awesome. Purple anything is awesome :-)

  4. @Travis - Actually, I edited the above because I needed to add that you have a book coming out this Christmas. And also because I love books and anything to do with dragons. I'm weird like that. :)

    @inluvwithwords - I knew I wasn't the only one that has a love of chocolate & caffeine!

    @Sarah - Ha! Purple is awesome, too bad it didn't last very long. :)

  5. #3 is SO me, and I unfortunately can relate to #5. I told the hairdresser purple was not a haircolor found in nature, and she redid it.

    Congrats on the awards!

  6. No snow and pizza everyday! Yay. That would be heaven. :)

  7. You are awesome, lady! Thank you so much for tagging me, I hope I do it justice. I wanted to ask about the purple hair, but I'll honor the request. I think it is amazing that your lunch date is a famous physicist--loved the Wiki on him and his ideas on time travel/ufos/alien life. Very cool.

  8. Ha ha ha! If they ever invent a healthy yet really yummy pizza, you totally have to let me know because I wanna get me a slice, too! Also? How cool is that that you had PURPLE freaking hair??? I've been known to do quite a few crazy things with mine, so I say good for you!

  9. Thanks for passing on the award! I'm with you on the pizza obsession. Margherita style is my favorite!

  10. I love purple. And pizza. I think we'll get along great! ;) Nice to *meet* you!

  11. I think we lived in the same small town in Ohio and had the same neighbors. . . It wasn't Marietta was it?

  12. Yay another Ohioan! Nope not Marietta. Although I know exactly where it is. :) I grew up in Putnam County which is about 2 hours NW of Columbus.