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Friday, November 4, 2011

Too Much Research?

I know I've not been posting on a regular basis...something I really hope to change. Let me tell you, it has been so hectic here. I feel like a taxi running both girls back and forth to school & preschool, dance class, girl scouts, helping with book reports, homework, and helping my second grader study for tests. It's absolutely nuts!

How in the world do people keep organized, house cleaned, laundry done, research & write a novel?

I'm writing today as part of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. If you haven't already checked it out, Alex J. Cavanaugh has created a blog to help writers share and encourage each other throughout their insecurities. I'm supposed to post on the 1st Wednesday every month, so as you can see, I'm a little late on this. (Hopefully they won't kick me out :)

So where have I had time to squeeze in writing you might ask? Well, it's been tough, especially since I am now considering another rewrite. I've been spending quite a bit of time lately (more than I'd like to) on research for my book. The more I dig, the more I change the arc, characters, setting, etc.

Is it ever a bad thing to have too much research? I've been writing and researching this book for just a smidge over two years now. Is it supposed to take this long?

I'm also struggling with which direction I want to take the book. I've been writing an YA allegorical novel. For those of you who aren't familiar with allegory, here's a quick definition:

-n, pl -ries
1. a poem, play, story, picture, etc, in which the apparent meaning of the characters and events is used to symbolize a deeper moral, religious, or spiritual meaning.
2. the technique or genre that this represents.
3. use of such symbolism to illustrate truth or a moral.
4. anything used as a symbol or emblem to tell a story.

I find myself wondering why in the world did I get myself into this subject. I'm totally not even close to being qualified to write an allegorical novel, but something (I'm sure pure craziness) in my head keeps pushing me to do so. So I have come up with a story that I am absolutely in love with (except for those days where I feel like chucking it out the window). I've even thought about putting the whole thing to the side and try to work on something else, but this one just calls to me. Call it an addiction I guess. The subjects that I am researching with this book are quite heavy and I am no where near being a theologian or master of Greek literature. Try merging the two and you've got yourself on course for one heck of a roaring migraine.

Is there anything about writing or researching that gives you a headache? Please tell me I'm not alone on this one. :)

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  1. I feel you! How do people juggle it all and write a novel? Personally, I don't think they sleep. Hope things calms done.

    I like the idea of a writers support group. We could all use a bit of a boost, now and again.


  2. Hi Alynza, I'm still blog hopping - I can't seem to stop!

    I think if you feel drawn to a particular subject or style, you need to go with it. It's very hard to move on to a new project when you're still thinking about the last. You're as qualified as the next person, never feel you're not - who actually is 'qualified'?

  3. Ack! I know what you mean. I don't know how anyone can balance it all. If I'm feeling productive with my writing, then the laundry is piled up and we're knee deep in fur balls. But if I'm on top of the housework and meal planning, I'm not getting in any time with my WIP. Some days I can settle for stealing away random moments to write. Other days it just seems like I should be able to get it together and do more.